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Unhinged watch the full movie online free I don’t even think you really know what a bad day is but you’re gonna find out just had a chance to check out the new russell crow flick called unhinged where russell crowe plays a complete psycho stalker in the vein of michael douglas back in that film called falling down similarities there this guy has obviously had something that has created mass trauma in his life and he is a broken psychotic individual and he stalks this family led by the mom played by karen pistorius who he accidentally encounters in gridlock and what we see in this movie is a lot of people racing around in cars until they can’t because there are traffic jams everywhere

the traffic really gets under the skin of the characters but also you that’s very effective as you’re watching these scenes transpire where people are trying to get away or get to some place quickly and they can’t it’s all stop and go and it’s infuriating and it’s also a pretty effective statement on how bad traffic is in a lot of cities out there anyway russell crowe because he just has this hatred for humanity starts to unravel when he encounters this mom and her kid and then says

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i’m gonna do everything i can to make sure you know what a bad day is and he just pursues her so it’s a little bit in parts like steven spielberg’s classic movie duel where we’ve got a truck and a car kind of facing off against each other and it’s like vehicular you know the tension is all about these vehicles coming in on each other and of course russell crowe as big and bad and menacing as he is on screen and he’s such a terrific actor he really has no problems inhabiting this role and really freaking you out he really does look like this psycho but he also drives this monstrous sized truck that just looks menacing on the road and it’s all you know filmed from low angles and it just looks larger than everything else on the road and it’s very effective

it’s also got a really muscly type engine rev as well so the truck will just roll into scenes and it’s just like oh my god that thing is terrifying and you know i was along for the ride and the tension was actually ratcheted up quite nicely at the beginning of the film um you know we get a sense of the family life for a bit and then mom’s got to drop the kid off at school and they’re racing to make it there in time and of course the traffic’s all there and all of that played quite realistically and this happens a lot in these kind of horror type thriller films where there eventually has to be some kind of demonic act

Unhinged watch the full movie online free

some really awful crime some violent crime is committed and you kind of have to lose your sense of disbelief like certainly violent crime happens every day in cities all over the place and we hear about it on the news all the time but it just it kind of lacked credibility when we got to a certain team of russell crowe commits a heinous murder in front of a whole bunch of people and there is no effort by any of the people and there’s a lot of people around this murder

but nobody stands up to him nobody races over to you know help or try to get in the way or anything and russell crowe does this murder and then gets in his truck and drives off and the cops seem so out of touch and out of time and of course the other thing that happens too because the movie kind of needs it to kind of escalate the fear and the tension is all of the earlier notions of how traffic is brutal and it’s just hard to get anywhere in the city at the beginning of the film and certainly you could apply that to its rush hour timing or whatever but a lot of that gets tripped away and russell crowe seems to have no problem navigating through traffic and catching up with our hapless protagonists who are just running for their lives

Unhinged watch the full movie online free

so a lot of that sort of preamble and setup with the traffic seems to disappear and also the cops can never seem to be anywhere near what’s going on which was a bit silly but you know with all of these thrillers slash horror type pictures like this you’re always picking apart the reality of the situation and how effective the scenes are put together it’s pretty easy to kind of look at this trailer and look at this footage and kind of know how you’re going to feel when you watch the film

i think that this would be a different experience for people going to a theater and watching it on the big screen than it was for me to sit in my little game movie space there and watch it on my tv but i have to admit i was pulled in it was effective the performances are all pretty solid the kids are good the mom karen pistorius does a great job certainly pulled through the ringer in this movie russell crowe he’s certainly not making the movies that we all think that he should be because we know him from la confidential and of course gladiator we’re very far removed from those days with a movie like this

Unhinged watch the full movie online free

but god he’s a good actor compelling to watch on screen and he delivers in this role in this performance it does feel a little beneath his capabilities but you know what it’s an effective thriller and there’s some decent moments in this movie for sure it certainly doesn’t revolutionize the genre it’s certainly not the best one of these that has ever been made and in fact i think that falling down kind of analyzed the idea of road rage going out of control a little bit more effectively partially because of the culture at the time it was a movie that really benefited from being a part of a cultural moment

but this one really feels like it’s it’s kind of capitalizing on people’s fears and concerns as they hit the crowded roadways and cities all over the world especially during hot summer months it’s also a little bit weird to see the screen so crowded with people and people so close together and out to eat like everything is normal while we’re in the middle of this pandemic certainly the pressures and the stresses exhibited in the movie are different from what we’re all kind of facing in real life every day but it sort of taps into that anxiousness for sure it wasn’t joyful entertainment but it was effective entertainment i had a pretty good time watching this and it was it was competently made for sure i’m going to give unhinged a 7 out of

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