we’re about to watch The Broken Hearts Gallery watch Full Movie and this is from executive producer Selena Gomez and writer actor Natalie Krinsky and this features I hope that they put the yes I’m gonna butcher her name really badly by so much so so so join her in blockers um her name is Geraldine uh this wanna ‘then I think that’s how you say it and also take care Montgomery aka Power Ranger aka for stranger things let’s go ahead and take a look at this and basically the story follows Lucy played by Geraldine and she is a gallery art gallery assistant in York City who also happens to be an emotional hoarder oh no oh no a hoarder of like artwork – maybe Wow okay

The Broken Hearts Gallery watch Full Movie

The Broken Hearts Gallery Full Movie

The Broken Hearts Gallery Trailer

so let’s now that we know that just a little bit of that let’s go ahead and go in and take a watch this is going to be coming out on Netflix I believe right I think so just weeks Oprah no Sony so it’ll be in theaters maybe oh yeah only in theaters July 17th Oh you know minimus Lee do you think you want to try getting out of bed today will never break my heart well it will break your vagina places you need to get a grip he’s with someone else now how do you get over someone but also I have had the worst night of my life this isn’t a lift this is my car hello I’m sorry castle you’re not at all so who are you my name is Nick okay you keep something from every relationship at least get rid of e^x memorabilia

this is where you actually murder me I’m trying to a nails perfectly place to look at that like art in a gallery I can help with the hotel exchange for gallery space all right we good yourself mister come on get us the coffee nothing with actual dariing get in here your roommates don’t wear shirt or something and you are not wearing any pants crazy irrational heartburn is the loneliest feeling in the world the truth is it happens to us all it’s been a real long time since I’ve seen I feel like it’s been a while since I seen a rom-com and maybe my soul just needs it because this looks adorable I feel like I just cheesy cheese Elise smiled through the whole thing yeah same here very very cute really just give you those warm and fuzzies and laughs and hope for the future but then oh no the past creeps in and as you’re trying to move forward kind of a classic act one two and three yes and it looks like one of those really fun movies

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the only problem is it’s coming out July 17th which is pretty soon yeah it’s less than a month away to go back to go in theater so I hope that for the people who are planning to go back to theater that they will you know aside from just seeing like Tennant and one they will also give this cute little movie ago yeah I jury’s still out on whether or not we’re gonna go back to the theaters when they open but I am excited for this I like the little artwork that they have to for like the title on the logo how they make it in like the neon art light the neon light art

it’s just so cute and it’s very very own brand it feels very young and light-hearted and you’re gonna have some good laughs so we I’m actually thought that we saw this me too I’m really excited for this movie I’m a little nervous and I’m probably gonna wait until it comes out on streaming because it’s not one of those movies that I’m like rush out to the theater to go see but it really does seem like one of those movies that deserves some long because it has like an original store I mean a really cute story some really good characters and I’m just I actually really want to see it yeah and I’m kind of happy for for Dacre who we really haven’t seen him in too many things Power Rangers he was great Power Rangers who’s greenish dangerous things two very different type of characters yeah and then again

To watch the movie click here The Broken Hearts Gallery Full Movie

this one very different where it’s you know that like he’s like the heartthrob with like a dream to build a boutique hotel and I was like well that’s so cute so and I like their their on-screen chemistry yeah I cute as well let us know what you thought of the trailer in the comment section below don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and we’ll see you the next one and have you ever had something from a past relationship have you held on to after and after you broke up with them so Oh share some of your heartbreak stories down below do we have any we can share no after I kind of figured out that I was gonna marry you yeah I got a burned everything yeah why didn’t I didn’t go back screaming burn stuff

I think what I did is I probably kept things for a little while and then once I kind of got over that part of my life then it was just kind of like what’s the point of holding you onto it so I’m just kind of like let go I don’t have like a shoebox somewhere filled with past relationship memorabilia and if I did I wouldn’t know it like I don’t even remember having yeah exactly I remember we both moved so many times that if we met two kept kept keep it then it probably by now it has been like lost along the way anyways it’s been you know when you do those cleanses you just like joy out the door see you guys in the next one

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