Synchronic Watch Full Movie

Synchronic Watch Full Movie that’s what we’re gonna do kn synchronic the movie a new movie from aaron moorhead and justin benson i don’t know if i think you haven’t seen anything from them yet right i don’t know their names no i don’t recognize the names they’re not super known they’re mostly known now for for independent movers in the sci-fi movies i only saw one of them their most recent one which is called the endless it wasn’t on netflix here and i really enjoyed that movie Synchronic Watch Full Movie

Synchronic Watch Full Movie
Synchronic Watch Full Movie

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the atmosphere and yeah it’s really an independent scyther story you could see that there was another big studio behind it but i really i really liked their their approach and their their storytelling so when i heard that there’s a new movie coming from these guys the movie synchronic i thought well i want to see that i for sure want to see the trailer to see if it’s if it’s promising it’s a movie as you can see here to to my back with jamie dornan and anthony mackie they are the lead roles so the synopsis for this movie reads when new orleans paramedics and longtime best friend steve and dennis are called to a series of bizarre gruesome accidents they chalk it up to the mysterious new party drug found at the scene but after dennis’s oldest daughter suddenly disappears steve stbles upon a terrifying truth about the supposed psychedelic

that will challenge everything he knows about reality and the flow of time itself so that’s the official synopsis to the to the movie it sounds already interesting sounds like something that suits with what they what they did before okay so we that’s what it’s about more i don’t know about it only know that it’s supposed to premiere in october 23rd so i would say let’s just take a look at the trailer here we go you know they say we see everything once in this cake pretty sure time is live oh that’s up yeah you all right i’m fine the bad news is it’s inoperable that we haven’t started what’s going on with you i want to know that there’s meaning in the things i do if you’re watching this i’m probably trying to convince you of something pretty unbelievable

or i’m dead don’t do anything to get her back but this is i mean the next dose could kill you they’re things that are far worse than death oh my god i love crafting a nightmare the clock keeps ticking down the time nice synchronic nice very interesting it seems well like i said i recognize their style it seems even maybe even creepier weirder than than the endless it sure seems that they’re delivering here again by the way it was funny in the last movie they were the lead roles not that much known actors in it but you can see that they’re gaining more appreciation yeah with getting a bit probably a bigger budget to attract these guys to it but yeah i really like this yeah and and time is is i think in all their movies just like with christopher nolan time is a theme well it’s very it’s not a bit of a nolan fiber indeed exactly exactly so yeah what do you think i i really want to see it if i saw this it was very interesting and it wasn’t like over the top it was you saw of course he went back in time anthony mackie yeah and like slavery times and even before like ice age times it seems a bit like and yeah very interesting yeah and we saw that the only thing is a bit like

Synchronic Watch Full Movie

we saw that on that x-ray he had something red in his mind in his brain and also and also this is again a movie that you take a pill but you cannot take it you cannot take that much dosage it was a bit like the limitless or that you moved again but in the end yeah it doesn’t matter so much that’s the same because it matters how they make quality the quality that’s also what i think like i’ve like time travel or time influenced movies are very popular lately they always have of course been but i have the feeling that the last years there’s a lot of it yeah and and with the chemical inducers for your brain to open up so it’s a combination exactly so it’s it’s becoming a bit like yeah okay that again

that’s why i myself nowadays tend to move a bit more towards movies or series that are more realistic and have a touch of of of sci-fi to it more or less or like a series like dark which is of course very much about time and time travel but still they portray it very realistic yeah so yeah if it’s well done it can work but yeah it seems to me that this is that kind of movie yeah things more realistic also and also you didn’t see like a lot of hocus pocus on top of it or something no exactly down the earth also there are two paramedics which is cool that they focus story actually on two guys yeah they’re trying to and they they come for sure they came across this field through the victims they saw and they had to help i think yeah interesting interesting interesting also to to know is that the makers because it’s apparently premiering in at least in the us in cinemas in october

but they are not so happy about it they say we want to be very clear at the time of writing this we personally wouldn’t go to an indoor cinema theater so we can’t encourage you too to us this isn’t only about feeling safe in the theater this is also about the scientific community indicating that enclosed spaces like movie theaters are still a hazard for spreading kobe 19 to others yeah i understand yeah so that’s going to be a statement yeah but it’s maybe it’s also like respectful of them and of course because they have a deal with netflix for this movie i think no i’m not sure if this is for netflix i only know that they maybe that’s why they can say yeah because the thing is like next week

Synchronic Watch Full Movie

i can go for the first time to the cinema again to tennis but i’m also a little bit yeah not worried but i’m a bit thinking how it’s going to be in romania you have to every seat in between two seats is always closed so yeah you cannot so even if you go with your own partner or whatever your girlfriend you cannot sit next to each other which is strange but okay whatever it’s and you have to wear a mouth cap at all times which is yeah yeah you want to see a movie of an alternate two and a half hours i think for sure so yeah it’s a bit strange but i think me and anna will go on a weekday or something when we have some time off in the morning maybe you know make sure that we can just chill with nobody

but yeah i it’s it’s it’s not a bold statement from them but it’s it’s it’s it’s of course also because they they rather also i think from a commercial standpoint they also have like some a different time i think because of course people will will visit it now but oh but also it’s also like thinking you also have a obligation i think like imagine if you’re the maker of a really cool movie and it’s maybe their their movie that’s going to make them even more into hollywood yeah yeah and then knowing your movie made a lot of people sick you know like if people go yeah yeah of course not their faults you cannot blame them foreign it’s respectful that they say it yeah exactly well either way

i’m looking forward to this movie i i hope i’m not sure if it will also be on vod in october already i didn’t hear anything about it would be released in your boarding cinemas but for people watching if that know a bit more about this help help us out yeah i really would like to see this movie and maybe if you could also see kn that we could do a review on it for the people watching maybe we’ll do a review if we’re if it works out if we can see it over here 600 boxes from both of you and me so we should check it out exactly

so then we will review it on our channel so if you want to stay updated on that but also other movies and series that we talk about here on our channel subscribe to our channel if you like this video give us a little thbs up and you know discuss with us what you think would you go to cinema to see this movie or you rather wait it out and until it’s on vod for that matter let us know see you later

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