Shithouse Watch Full Movie

hey everyone i got a question is the name of the title going to make it past censors well it’s called shithouse well the fact that you just bleeped out means that we’re probably in trouble what’s going on everybody welcome back to jay buck studios your home for reviews reactions and ridiculousness and it’s a little bit early of a movie review shout out to ifc films for hooking me up with an early screener it’s coming out this friday on vod and it’s called shithouse a homesick college freshman goes to a party but ends up spending the night with his sophomore who’s had a shitty day and wants someone to hang out with ( Shithouse Watch Full Movie ).

Shithouse Watch Full Movie
Shithouse Watch Full Movie

Shithouse Watch Full Movie

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so is this new college party kind of type movie a must see from ifc let’s find out but before i get into my thoughts let me know what you guys thought if you’re looking forward to this shithouse movie love a good shithouse love a good party and now let’s get into some of the good so this shithouse movie i’m gonna try not to say shithouse so much because i don’t like swearing on this and i don’t want to put a bunch of bleeps in but this movie is sort of a slice of life type movie it very much takes this character who is new in college kind of the first six months of his college experience he is not making friends he is not meeting people he essentially hates it

i think that that right there that set up that that kind of situation is something that a lot of people can kind of relate with honestly for myself if i saw this movie in college it would very much make me feel better about my life because i felt like this character and you can see how he’s beaten down he’s depressed this is not for him and he’s calling his parents and he’s kind of hinting at i want to go home this is scary i can’t do this and i think that the way that they captured this in this like i said kind of slice of life story i mean it does branch out a little bit from there but i think that this very much encompasses how a lot of people feel going to college because it is scary it is tough it is an experience especially when you come from a small town

you don’t know how to adapt really and it does dive into kind of how people adapt how to break down those walls how to essentially yes and and go along with people to then therefore make friends and i think that that slice of life exploring how people go off and it’s just kind of you know roll the dice take a chance go left instead of right and you don’t know exactly how that’s all going to play out and it kind of plays out in this like very heartfelt way and the fact that this movie is directed written and stars as one of the main characters cooper rafi i believe and then his chemistry with the ra dylan galula hopefully i’m pronouncing that correctly i think that they worked fairly well again they both have their problems they come together

Shithouse Watch Full Movie

it’s this experience that i think a lot of people again can relate to of staying up all night drinking alcohol and learning about someone else essentially a stranger sit down figure out what is making them tick who they are what are their interests and whatnot and then going on this nightly adventure so i think that the chemistry or almost lack there of chemistry between them made for this awkward but again heartfelt kind of night and whatnot but then his interactions and her interactions with other people at the college felt like a college first-year freshman dorm essentially when you first meet people you’re kind of like but then by the end of the year you’re absolutely loving them like honestly it had this little bit of nostalgic feel either good nostalgia bad nostalgia it just had that feel essentially taking me back to being in college that i thought was very authentic it felt raw essentially

however with this house movie being almost a slice of life movie i mean again it’s kind of a faux slice of life like a it’s a night or two in this these people’s lives it doesn’t feel like the plot is too deep too heavy essentially i mean it’s following these two characters you’re figuring out things about them you’re figuring out what makes them tick the conflicts you know the struggles that they’ve kind of gone through and whatnot and their past but it doesn’t feel like there’s this drastic like up and down between these characters sure there is a conflict in this movie that that is another thing that i think is a little bit not necessarily hit home as strong as i wanted is that these two characters our main character who is played by cooper and then dylan the ra they sort of run into a roadblock or there is like i said a conflict in there

but i feel like it’s very much rushed it’s very much almost thrown in there and forced into kind of dividing these two characters essentially again you realize from the backstories of these two characters one that is kind of lonely and one that is dealing with their own personal demons essentially and a bad day you can see how or why this this rift between them essentially comes to be but i didn’t think that it was entirely hit home it didn’t entirely feel real to me i think it’s just the fact that it wasn’t resolved in the greatest or best way it’s kind of pushed towards the background a little bit and i almost wish that they would have brought that in the forefront a little bit more tackling really diving into these characters problems to see how they evolved

Shithouse Watch Full Movie

by the end of the movie overall house is a story that i believe a lot of college students could probably relate to with it featuring like i said that genuine slice of life story that really hit me almost felt nostalgic and chemistry between our two main leads that i thought worked fairly well but with some conflict problems and a plot almost the slice of life the plot being a little bit shallow because of that i’m right on the line of you should check out house or skip out on this one i mean it did hit me on those kind of familiar levels of i’ve been through this i think that if i would have seen this when i was in college at that time it would have been very much almost helped me and changed my mind

but if you’re not into that that slice of life story it’s probably not going to work for you in closing i’m going to give house 2.5 out of 5 college parties so what did you guys think of house if you’ve already seen this one or very much now kind of skipping away from it because you don’t want to bring up those bad memories from college i want to know in the comments down below anyways though as always thank you so much for watching watch some more videos up there or right over there you know brand new content every single week here on the jbox studios channel i’m not entirely sure what is coming the rest of the week so be sure to stay tuned by all of my social media twitter is the best for updates like this video subscribe to the j buck studios channel and until next time we’ll see you later

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