Break the Silence movie

Break the Silence movie

hi everybody it’s lina i love this little glow we have going on here i kind of love this shot it’s it’s different it’s different okay and a few updates before i start i dyed my hair again lovely i’m loving it and my computer is crushing i cannot edit any videos right now uh so i have to record this one in one take so if it’s messy if i like stumble up over my words like now sorry forgive me i have literally no way to like edit it and i need to fix my computer asap

also i’m going to work in like 10 minutes so i really need to get it done in one take so yeah but there’s something i really want to talk about uh because tweeting about it is not going to be enough i really need to just like around a little bit about new businesses documentary break the silence persona and i went yesterday and i know i’m going tomorrow because oh my gosh it was amazing and i haven’t been able to like take everything out of it because you know reading subtitles trying to look at them images i really want to go again and like really i’d digest everything that was there but also i really want to make this a quick video just to share my first initial thoughts in case somebody is not sure if they want to go i’m really urging you go because it’s an amazing documentary about people about personas about oh i didn’t watch the trailer before i went so i wasn’t aware that is a theme that the persona i don’t know the person was even the title i don’t know that was the theme of the documentary i thought it was going to be like your usual live on the tour living the best life funny little montage kind of the commentary like kind of the same thing like burn the stage it wasn’t it was themed about persona about them how they perceive themselves and you know all these good vibes oh

i’m already freaking out because it made me made me look at them in like a bit different light i guess especially from the like weakness side like from the very beginning when they when the attraction introductions were made and and j-hope said that without bts he doesn’t even know how to introduce himself because he is j-hope he is your hope uh and and that’s who he is and like without that he he can get lost who he released and the same like meaning of life it’s like what’s the meaning of life we’re like so focused on this moment and i love that i love that this digger deep into their psychic into what’s going on in their heads because we take them for granted and we are stressed what would happen if they were not a ban anymore uh and we just fans so imagine how much more intense is that for them where they are those people like what would happen if they were not bts anymore like how do you find yourself how do you separate your persona your onstage presence your like the person that you are even that was mentioned in zach was a interview when he asked uh suga does he separate sugar from agus d and then also yoongi on top like uh how is he approaching music with that but how you approach your life and i was like this is so deep i was not prepared for this but i highly appreciate that

Break the Silence movie

so yeah so just like the it made me realize from the very beginning that what we feel about bts is nothing comparing to how they feel about that because they are in the very center of that i don’t know if that makes sense let me know in the comments below if you if you know what i’m talking about but it just made me really appreciate them for that that as as jean said later on like he doesn’t want to show like his sad side because he’s afraid the fans gonna be upset for him and he wants to only show the good side and as much as i i agree with that it’s very like uh dangerous to be forecasting like you know negative sides to people who are gonna want to kind of reflect the same emotions that you are like showing them

so if you are sad people gonna be sad for you so you don’t want to show that but at the same time i feel bts treats their fans at this level of like maturity that we can have this conversation like in the situation in this documentary we can have this conversation about their real feelings and what is usually being hidden behind the scenes here in our private life and without invading them private life we can have this discussion about like what it really means to have a persona what it really means to be seen by so many people and trying to filter out different parts of yourself not even your life by yourself your personality i love what we said i never call him me what i call him persona uh about like that i can showcase both v and kim taehyung but by tay cannot shock sv because v is this other creation and then he has himself he has to become v in in order to like showcase v to the audience

so he cannot be but we can show parts of himself because she he can sleep out of the persona when he needs to uh and it’s very interesting it’s also yeah it’s very interesting and with all of that what jin said about uh not only loving yourself because the whole theme we have with love yourself speak up speak for yourself uh be who you want to be and jin said something that really like stuck with me i think the most from the whole movie that he’s not only trying to love himself but he’s trying to acknowledge himself and that just made me pause for a second i was like did i ever acknowledge myself because like yeah i put so much effort into loving myself into like you know nourishing myself and cherishing myself and like trying to like you know self-care self-love but do i acknowledge myself and i think that kind of connects with uh what jungi says a lot as a agustin in his last mixtape

which i was listening or listening to recently which uh about like allowing yourself to be hurt allowing yourself to feel hurt and allowing yourself to feel negative emotions and okay you don’t have to showcase them but do you acknowledge them do you deal with them in different way and that just made me write like oh my god that’s so human that like and also like gene like also highlighting the fact that he is not world war handsome behind the doors he is the for the cameras but as a person as a private person as kim sargen

he’s not he’s quiet and he likes that and he acknowledges that and he loves about himself and it’s i’m just i just oh the progress the growth the character of growth the character development the complexity love that another thing i have my little uh notebook here namjoon’s just so quickly oh now i’m just inspired about how he ran away from fame and found nature and found his love for nature because he doesn’t want to be in all this like noise of like media and social media and people telling him what to do what he should do what he’s doing and just found his nature love from nature and love for like you know going back to yourself to find the true satisfaction through happiness like calm

and i just love that and the fact that he said that people think that art has to come from pain and he doesn’t believe that that was just like yes speak your truth speak ah say that because i think it’s so important like we we connect art and pain so like tightly like we think they always have to go like hand in hand uh but bts withholder love yourself series proves that art can go from the place of good it doesn’t have to be just like this like destructive flashy pop music or like you know any kind of art is just like fun fun fun fun it can be self-reflective and positive it can go from pain but it doesn’t have to have pain involved that the pain as well as it is like he says i look at every experience in like two like

i always see good and bad in it so i he doesn’t have like this memories are just plainly good apparently good be apparently good or plenty bad because everything is a mixture and because every success comes with a despair with struggle with fears and every fear comes with some good that can come out of it so there’s always a mix of bad and good and everything and he acknowledges that but it doesn’t mean that the art has to be rooted in pain it can have elements of pain in it but it doesn’t have to be necessary

we don’t have to be a mud angry sad depressed artist to create a good art and i was like yes speak that because i think so many people are fixated of if they want to create art that they have to show themselves as paint especially like in the music that it’s not like you you’re like popular music people want to see themselves as moody broody whatever sad artist but it doesn’t have to be like this you can find art in anything and i was like yes and last thing i want to say is just like a side note when jacob said he’s lazy i thought

so what am i because if he is lazy then we are all just like beyond saving like oh my gosh and also he said that he doesn’t know his wharf he doesn’t know if he’s worth anything and i was like babe apart from like me fangirling i like being like you know because obviously there’s like part of me just like he can he can like you know blink and i’m gonna oh my god it’s amazing but objectively speaking like babe you are worth so much and please can somebody like give him a hug and like explain to him like you’re doing way more than just like a basic you know bare minimum you’re doing way more and beyond and yeah so basically this whole documentary was everybody going really deep about themselves reflecting on themselves being like

i grew so much it was amazing i don’t know what’s going next and then miyungi sitting there in the corner saying like oh i haven’t even reached my full potential i feel like i’m like 50 percent in i can do anything and i’m just like this man this man he’s like this you know scooby-doo shaggy meme like i just released just 10 percent of my power that’s basically me yoongi and uh he said that he might be one day a rock musician because why not maybe he will try to do some rock and now in the recent interview he said he’s learning how to play guitar so i think we all know what to expect or like we don’t know what to expect and i really like his like the confidence in the fact that he he knows

he’s good and he acknowledges that he loves that and he’s not shy about it and he wants to use it for more than just one thing he’s like i can do anything and i love that i love the attitude of like if i try enough i’ll do it and i think that’s that’s usually we all need to have like acknowledges your good sides your strengths and just uses them to be the best you possible and i’m just like yes and so yeah that was such a nice a little splash of like different attitude for the whole like you know because everybody was like

so like self-reflective and then min yoongi was just like yeah i’m great i think i think i’m pretty good i think i could do better but i think i’m good so far and i’m just like yes cake say it so yeah i’ve been rambling for way too long i don’t know how difficult it’s gonna be to upload if my computer doesn’t crash when i’m trying to upload it so anyway i’m gonna finish now uh thank you so much for watching this little rumble review of new beauties documentary if you can uh still watch it watch it i don’t know

if i’m gonna upload it before or after the screens are over but if you can watch it it’s amazing i love it let me know in the comments below if you’ve seen the movie your opinions what did you think about this documentary because it was amazing and i want to talk with you so yeah thank you so much and follow me on twitter at leslieright and on instagram i’ll be trying to do more giveaways but i’m also having a lot of things happen in my private life so i don’t know what’s going on with that and yeah thank you so much i will see you in the next video hopefully soon bye

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