Alone Watch Full Movie

Alone Watch Full Movie

i’m here to react to this movie trailer alone 2020 survival horror movie trailer thing okay so here we go oh someone’s running through the forest oh it’s pretty exciting sir why are you up on my butt don’t feel for my butt creepy do you live nearby no not really no just say no you don’t have to say not really he reading you i’m headed north why are you telling this guy all this saying stuff like this you look creepy nope oh okay i i’ve got to go i’m just gonna take a minute oh i’m late for a meeting i’m sorry i just you look scared 9-1-1 what’s your emergency i think i’m being followed oh you think you think you’ve seen him three times close are you scared

yeah he just please just punch do you think you’re the first one to say that i know fear when i see it [Music] it’s all in the eyes think they can hide it but they can’t i’m gonna run not from me prove to me that i’m wrong i am coming for you okay all right she mean she made a few mistakes at the beginning you don’t you don’t tell people where you’re going what you’re doing unless you know them especially when you’re traveling by yourself but it seems like there’s a lot of these movies that kind of do the same kind of thing like someone’s traveling alone and then like it becomes a like i guess they call it a survival horror movie but it’s just like the main character making a lot of like decisions that don’t really add up you’re kind of screaming at the screen screen while you’re watching it like why are you doing this

why would you tell them that you’re traveling alone and that you’re like yeah no no you don’t tell somebody like are you from here no kinda maybe like they know you’re lying like you so will i watch this maybe like if it’s on like netflix and there’s nothing else like i feel like i feel like hollywood or just movies in general i’ve done a lot of movies like this where it’s just it’s just like let’s let the main character do the most stupidest stuff and get them in the most like difficult situation possible and then at the end they become like the most brilliantest person in the world and escape like it’s just like come on guys come on but i guess they have to do that to get into that situation so it’s like whatever

Alone Watch Full Movie

so i’m i haven’t made any videos on this channel in a while a long time and i would i want to start maybe doing some reaction videos maybe do some maybe movie rack movie reviews just try to get back into the flow of things now that like i have a space where i can record and stuff like that so every things are gonna change with each one maybe maybe get some better lighting and stuff so yeah let me know how you like these like yeah i don’t know about this movie it seems like they do a lot of these it’s just like it’s not really hard it’s kind of like let’s see what they can get themselves into and then miraculously get themselves out of it which isn’t really horror to me like so i don’t know let me know if there’s any trailers that you’ve seen that you would like me to do a reaction on okay until next time

i’m doing another movie trailer reaction and today we’re looking at the film called Alone Watch Full Movie it’s coming out 2020. i’m not sure what platform it’s coming out at but it looks like it looks deep man this looks intense i’ve got the synopsis here so it’s just saying alone follows a writer seeking for seeking peace and solitude in the countryside in an attempt to recover from tragedy okay does she encounter more tragedy who knows is it going to be an arty farty thing who knows but i tell you what we’re gonna find out guys

if you haven’t done so already make sure you smash the subscribe button hit the watermark wait until this video is over check out a million in one of my other videos even though there’s not that many upload did and just do your thing but definitely like it guys if you like it it would really really help so let’s crack on right alone official trailer 2020 survival horror movie i missed the horror thing so this is going to scare the shit out of me man i need some fucking new headphones man these are killing me guys wreck it what’s a decent pair of headphones you can get preferably one with a mic that’d be pretty sick i’d like that do you live nearby no not really where are you going nowhere near you i am bastard

i’m sorry i i’ve got to go i’m just going to take a minute oh i’m late for a meeting i’m sorry it’s like kevin bacon look i think i’m being followed i know you’re close are you scared whoa do you think you’re the first one to say that i know fear when i see it it’s all in the eyes people think they can hide it but they can’t not from me prove to me that i rob whoa i am coming for you so is he like tracking her then that looked intense oh yeah you could tell straight from the get-go that guy was a fucking creep oh man i hope that’s got a good ending i liked it i liked it it wasn’t as horry as i thought it would be i don’t i’m not keen on horrors you know that but listen shout out to some of the cast of the terrifier too reaching out and popping a comment in showing me the love

that’s cool man thank you very much i really do appreciate that sort of stuff because i always see those little things as like milestones in the channel so to be able to interact with people that actually made these sort of projects it’s pretty cool despite my opinion i mean who gives a shit about my opinion i’m just sitting here reacting to stuff these guys put months if not years of hard work and their effort into making these sorts of films so for me saying it’s not my cup of tea who really gives a shit fair play to everyone that i think makes this sort of content or any content for that matter yeah to do something you love and get paid for it’s a pretty awesome thing so massive respect to anyone that should be actually able to do it right anyway about this fear about this trailer i liked it i like the concept of it it’s something that’s obviously been done a million times before but i think this is given a bit of a different edge

i like the fact that they’re kind of i’m getting the impression they’re making that woman into almost like the arnie and predator you know she’s covered in mud and her eyes go down like some sort of i’m gonna do that way do you know what i mean badass yeah i think that guy’s gonna get his comeuppance but listen again it’s all subjective let me know what your opinion was of it whether or not you loved it if you didn’t like it so much not your cup of tea if it’s something you’re gonna rush out for yeah let me know and here’s to the next video one million subscribers